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Thank you for your interest in joining the Middle East Psychological Association. This association has mandated a policy of inclusion based on competency (a combination of verified education and validated experience). We look forward as a group to working together to positively impact the practice and profession of psychology in the Middle East.


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Maissam Chidiac

"I was born in Beirut and moved to Kuwait at the age of 9. After graduating from the British School of Kuwait, I enrolled as a student at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada to study Biology. After my third year I coincidentally enrolled in an Introduction to Psychology elective and never looked back since. I had discovered my true passion. I quickly transferred to a Bachelor of Science in Psychology major at Carleton University (Ottawa) and graduated in June 2011. I am currently completing my MA in Clinical Psychology at the University of Balamand in Lebanon. Through my MA I have had the privilege of completing trainings in various placements including: The Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross (psychiatric disorders), Sesobel (children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities) and Martha & Mariam Community Center (women's shelter and rehabilitation center), among others.

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Mehmet Aslan

I am currently working at AUM, and I am very much interested in being part of MEPA for my personal/professional development.

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Shana Lynn Gangi


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United States
Copperas Cove
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Rola Ashour

Ms. Rola Ashour is one of the founding partners and the managing partner of ACT Center. She is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in couple and family therapy, depression, anxiety, and gender identity. She often works with women empowerment and youth. She has been a lecturer at Dar Al-Hekma University since 2007 up until today. Ms. Ashour developed the counseling center at Dar Al Hekma University and co-developed the Psychology Major. She has given multiple workshops on burnout, resilience and emotional intelligence. She earned two Bachelor degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Combined Social Sciences from Richmond University in London (UK) and holds a Master's degree from Birmingham University (UK) and is a PhD candidate in psychology. Rola Ashour is also the co-author of the book “Glamour Global” on the psychological needs of the buyer.

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Laith Alattar

Social psychologist with expertise in judgment and decision making, behavioral economics, risk management, and culture and cognition. In my current work, I bring together insights from social, behavioral, and cognitive science to evaluate, predict, and improve people’s everyday judgment, decision making, and behavior, especially involving health and financial risk management, and to inform the efficacy and sustainability of government programs and policies associated with those decisions. In culture and cognition, I build on interdisciplinary research on analytic (e.g., European) vs. holistic (e.g., Asian) cognitive styles to put together a better understanding of the cognitive styles of Arab and Middle Eastern cultures and situate it within established cognitive frameworks (e.g., dialectical thinking vs. formal logic), thereby expanding our ability to predict and influence human judgment and decision making across contexts, cultures, and domains, and to anticipate the prospect for social and cultural change.

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Washington, DC
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Charlotte El-Khalil

Charlotte El Khalil (MA), Psychologist/Psychotherapist working in Lebanon, she has been in the mental health field and the education field for 12 years, providing counseling, consultations, workshops, psychotherapy and assessments, As well as Organizing Support Group Program for families.

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Andy A Baldwin

Andy Baldwin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Phoenix in Arizona, USA, and completed his Master’s in Psychology from Walden University, Minnesota, USA. Furthermore, Andy has completed all course-work for his doctorates degree (Ph. D.) in Psychology-specializing in Educational Psychology. He is currently completing his dissertation, and is expected to graduate in 2019.Moreover, Andy comes with over 12 years of experience in the Educational and Counseling field. His work is built around guiding children, adolescents, and adults towards achieving a well-balanced life-style. The aim of his practice is geared to help individual’s development and maintain a sense of psychological well-being. He has experience in working at schools and clinics.

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Laila Aldandan

I hold a dual Degree in biology and psychology. I’m interested in both psychology and neuroscience.

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Saudi Arabia
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Azar Katouli

Licensed as clinical Psychologist with Order des Psychologues du Quebec, Canada License as clinical Psychologist with Dubai Health Authority, UAE Aazr Katouli is a licensed Consultant Clinical psychologist who obtained her Master of Philosophy Degree in clinical Psychology from University Of Bradford, United Kingdom. She also received advanced training in psychological assessment from University of Concordia, Montreal, Canada. Azar Katouli has received training and worked in three different countries, Iran, Canada, and Dubai over the last 30 years. Her experience in different settings such as hospitals, school and private practice has exposed her to individuals from all walks of life, each with their unique experience and sets of expectations. Her education (and continuing education) has given her the formal tools to make diagnoses and make treatment plans, but its communication that has to be individualized to that person’s culture, beliefs and level of education. This is her strength that she has learned through experience and has allowed her to have successful therapeutic relationship with her clients. Treatment approaches: -Cognitive behavior therapy -Psychodynamic therapy -Supportive therapy - Emotional focused therapy -Marital /couple therapy - Grief therapy -Solution focused therapy Azar Katouli has expertise and can offers services to individual adults, couples, and children in following areas: Anxiety Disorder (general anxiety disorder, OCD, phobia, PTSD), Mood Disorders (depression, bipolar disorder) Eating Disorders Adjustment Disorders Grief and lost Self-esteem and confidence Relationship problems Effective parenting Children and teen agers with emotional and behavioral difficulties. She does therapy in English and Farsi.

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Hala Marouf

Licensed Mental Health Counselor working at Alsuwaidan Clinic

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Alshaab Albahri
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