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Thank you for your interest in joining the Middle East Psychological Association. This association has mandated a policy of inclusion based on competency (a combination of verified education and validated experience). We look forward as a group to working together to positively impact the practice and profession of psychology in the Middle East.


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LaQuisha S Nelson

I am LaQuisha Nelson and I native Texan from the United States. This is my first year in Kuwait as a Middle School Counselor at Dasman Bilingual School. This has been an amazing experience thus far. I am a graduate of Paririe View A & M University with my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Counseling. I have been in education since 2010 and in counseling since 2014. I am a certified Life Coach and Positive Enthusiast! Mental health, wellness, and self care are my passions. I am excited to join MEPA and embark on the amazing opportunities ahead.

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Dina Eskandarani

I am a psychology graduate living in Kuwait and currently looking for a job.

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Silvia King

I am an enthusiastic empowerer of people, teams and organisations. I am currently completing my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. Combined with my MA in management and years of corporate experience, I am coaching my clients to unlock their potential and grow. My measure for success is the smile on people’s faces and enthusiasm for their next steps. The best part of my work is seeing people, teams and organisations discover opportunities they didn’t think existed, find motivation to change, grow in the process and thrive on the success they created for themselves. I don’t have the power to make these changes, but my clients do. My role is to accompany them in this process, to facilitate dialogue and discovery and be the cheerleader to keep them going when obstacles arise.

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+971 506 830776
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Laila Ahmed Toema

I'm a Clinical Psychologist and PHD Researcher at NCSCR, I have ten years of experience as a Psychologist and Researcher in Psychological and Social fields, also worked as clinical psychologist for international NGOs for about 2 years (Clinical psychologist at Terre Des Hommes (TDH- Egypt) I have been working on enhancing psychological well-being of Egyptian and refugee children through psychological assessment and therapeutic intervention, and working now for Save The Children international in supporting the welfare of refugee communities especially unaccompanied African youth.

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Abraham Happy Henry

Counseling Psychologist and Life Coach with a noteworthy history in the mental health industry and coaching. Passionate to enlighten and support people to invest in themselves for higher returns. Currently working internally with NMC Healthcare, UAE framing and providing EAP services for NMC Healthcare employees.

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Abu Dhabi
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Davud Nodehi

Assistant Professor at Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Psychotherapist, Family and Couple Therapist

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Shamila Hosenbux-Elshebly

I am a Mauritian national currently residing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I have completed my tertiary Education in Pune, India. I have completed a masters in Clinical Psychology. Over the past years, I have had several jobs as the educational field where I worked as a counselor and alos with teenagers with Special Needs. Currently, I work as a Training and Development Manager where I extend my skills not only to guide employees with the right training based on competencies but also to coach employees as well as University graduatesp with the right skills in order to fit in the working world. I also provide guidance for maintaining work life balance among other empowerment and guidance program. I also work with children with Learning difficulties and extend the areas of support to the parents, teachers and classmates.

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Ammar Al-Mustafa

Caseworker and psychology graduate, Currently specializing in Addiction Counselling.

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+961 71 41 93 26
+961 71 41 94 92
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Rosa Khorshidi

The only Muslim Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist /Supervisor Candidate in the World.

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+1 (857) 231 -2624
+1 (857) 231- 2624
+1 (617) 663-6090
Iranian - American
Newton MA USA
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Nutaila Al-Kharusi

A counselor enthusiastic about mental health and always eager learn and collaborate for the well being of society.

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